Welcome to Insurance Headquarters! We are an Australian insurance broker based in Perth offering insurance solutions and policies for businesses of all sizes and occupations throughout Australia. At Insurance Headquarters we honestly care about our clients and offer a service built on trust and respect. We look to the future in terms of service which enables us to better work with our clients when they need or want to. These type of Personal Values & Service is what makes Insurance Headquarters one of the leading Australian insurance brokers in the market.

10 years Experience

We have a 10 year experience in insurance.

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We will give you all the possible benefits.

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We will be giving you the best insurance package.

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Understanding our Clients

As every client and business is not identical, we know and understand that insurance should be tailor-made to protect the assets and risk exposures differently from client to client. As business insurance brokers in Australia, we take the time to get to know our clients and their business. We offer appropriate insurance products from our wide variety of insurers and underwriters based on our extensive experience and what we learn from you. By taking time to get to know our clients, it allows our team of expert insurance brokers in Perth to be able to provide the most suitable insurance solutions relevant to your business.

Insurance Brokers that Work for You

Our dedicated and expert team of insurance brokers in Perth consistently provide professional, reliable and tailored insurance solutions. We are committed to building long term relationships with our clients based on trust and respect.

The team at Insurance Headquarters help our clients by:

Giving experienced and Trustworthy advice

Providing dependable and professional service

Tailoring policies specific to your needs

Finding competitive and flexible premiums

Giving our Clients a personal and friendly service

As experienced insurance brokers, we boast a wealth of experience in assisting every size of business throughout Australia with their business insurance needs. From Compulsory Workers Compensation insurance to Public and Products Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Commercial Motor Insurance, Trades Insurance or insurance that is hard to find, our expert and dependable team of insurance brokers in Australia can provide you with a policy to protect you and your assets.

We are Here to Help

At Insurance Headquarters our singular mission is to keep moving forward and challenging our space with continuous innovation & technology to create a brave new client & broker relationship. We are proud to be one of the most trusted names in the Insurance Industry, Client Document Management and insurance system software. And we’re excited to say that our journey is only just beginning, as we continue to unleash innovations and new ideas into the market and for our clients.

Broker to Client Solutions

Our System & ideas are ahead of the game. We’re particularly excited about our next-generation client and document management systems.

Document Management

We use secure systems but also innovative systems. With our document management systems we have the ability to store your information securely and also create innovative and easy to follow documentation for you.


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