Frequently Asked Questions

NIO answers your business insurance questions. Nio is the friendly & reliable face of Insurance headquarters, a specialist insurance broker based in Perth that services clients throughout Australia in a responsive and contemporary way.<br /> NIO is short for NIOBIUM. Niobium is a Chemical Element with the Symbol NB and Atomic Number 41. It is a rare soft metal that is added to other metals such as Titanium or Tin to make them stronger. So strong in fact they are then used in Spaceships.<br /> So in 2017, Nio was born based on the same principal as Niobium and different metals working together to increase the strength. An element that adds strength to a relationship! Nio’s home is Insurance Headquarters and he is an Insurance Broker. His sole purpose is to provide his customers with added strength in the insurance process. Helping both with Policies and Claims.<br /> Like the team of brokers at Insurance Headquarters he speaks on behalf of, Nio believes strongly in putting the interests of business clients first.<br /> The team of Business Insurance brokers act only for their clients, and not the insurance companies, so their focus is on providing clients with competitive quotes and terms on suitable cover.<br /> Nio is flexible, innovative and offers clients excellent value. When he works he aims to make a complex process as easy as possible for his clients.<br />

Nio stands for:

  • Saving business clients time and money on their insurance
  • Helping in Finding suitable cover
  • Providing timely friendly general advice on business insurance for small business
  • Helping clients with their claims
  • Providing the Client with Extra insurance knowledge

How long will it take for you to respond to a QUOTE request?

At Insurance Headquarters, our Business Insurance brokers will be in touch personally within four working hours of your request. Earlier if possible.

They will contact you by your preferred method of communication either via the phone or email.

For simpler quotes, and where all relevant details have been provided, you may receive a quote within 24 hours. If you call us, there are times we are able to provide a quote with-in 10-15 minutes.

For more complex quotes, or where all relevant details have not been provided, a Local business insurance broker will be in touch to ask a few more questions and/or to provide you with a timeline for you to receive your quote.

As our focus is on sourcing competitive pricing on suitable cover for you based on quotes from multiple insurers, complex quotes will take more time.

As part of our service you will be regularly updated throughout the process.

We are available between 8.30am and 5.30 pm AWST, Monday to Friday on 1300 651 651 and are flexible to work quickly for urgent requests.

What should I do if things change in my business?

It’s important that your business insurance policy provides you with appropriate protection from the changing insurable risks your business faces.

Please contact us if you have made any changes in your business that could impact on your risk profile.

Not sure? Contact us on 1300 651 651 and a Local Insurance Broker will guide you through the process.

As a service to business clients, a Local Insurance Broker will be in touch regularly by phone or email to provide you with the opportunity to review your current business situation.

However, if your business has undergone change, please contact us immediately so we can ensure you are protected.

How can I pay for my policy?

  • Online, via your Bank
  • Cheque
  • Phone, via credit card
  • Monthly premium funding installments

How do I claim?

Our claims service is focused on helping our clients with their claims by representing their interests with the insurance companies and by keeping them informed throughout the process.

It is always best to contact us as soon as you can after an incident that results in a claim.

Please provide us with accurate and detailed information so that we can advise your insurers as soon as possible.

The best way to provide your initial claims information is via our online lodgement. One of our Brokers will be in contact with you straight away to advise on the next course of action.

How do I change or endorse my insurance policies?

Changing/endorsing your policy is very easy to do.

Simply contact your Insurance Broker and let us know what changes you want to make, via phone, email or web and we’ll provide you with the changes or be in contact with you to discuss.

Why would we use an insurance broker?

It’s good to use an insurance broker.

Business insurance can be complex and an insurance broker helps guide you through the process to ensure your assets and risks are adequately protected.

As a business insurance broker, we act for you, not the insurers.

You will have us in your corner if you need to claim.

We can secure difficult to obtain cover for you.

We negotiate with leading insurers and underwriting agencies on your behalf to get you multiple quotes on suitable cover.

As an Insurance Broker, we provide general advice on level of cover, excesses, deductibles and risk.

Our brokers are specialists in business insurance. They are passionate about providing a professional, expert and friendly service to give you a positive customer experience at all times.


Our brokers negotiate & place insurance for businesses every working day.

Can I SAVE by going direct to insurance companies or purchasing cheap insurance online via comparison websites?

The major purpose for business insurance is to protect against business risks, so why take a risk with your insurance?

Direct insurers and their agents represent only a single or a few insurance companies.

When buying direct from insurance companies and insurers agents, they will only present the basic policies available to them. You on the other hand may have special needs that may not be covered.

Direct insurers and insurance agents represent the insurers – not you.

At SMART Business Insurance, we act in our clients’ best interests, not the insurers.

As SMART Business Insurance is an authorised representative of the United Insurance Group, part of the Steadfast Group of Insurance Brokers, we have significant negotiating power and can generally achieve a superior result rather than going direct to an insurer and paying the ‘rack rate’. We negotiate on your behalf to get you excellent value on suitable cover.

Can I cancel my insurance policy?

Yes, cancelling your policies is as simple as sending an email to us detailing the date you wish to cancel the policies from and the reason for the cancellation. Once received, we will confirm your cancellation with your insurer(s) and then forward you the invoice noting any return premium if applicable.

In some circumstances, if you have taken a Premium Funding Loan for your insurance policies, we are required to send the Refund to your Premium Funder to clear any outstanding loan repayments that relate to your insurance policies.

Where a policy is cancelled before the period of insurance has ended we may retain the commission/fee on any return premium involved based on this being earned for our set up and maintenance services

How do we receive our policy documents?

After receiving your confirmation to bind cover, your Insurance broker will send you an email which shall include copies of the invoice(s), policy schedule(s), premium funding contract, financial services guide and policy wording(s).

These documents may be generated within 48 hours depending on which insurers we have used. If the transaction was with an Underwriting Agency due to the difficulty of the risk, it may take longer as we need to wait on the Underwriters manual systems.

We may also deliver your documents in person or arrange to post hard copies if you require.

How do we know we are covered?

Following your acceptance to bind cover of the quotation, your Insurance Broker will forward you your invoice, PDS & policy schedules. These documents will detail and confirm the start and end dates of your policy.

Additionally, once payment of the premium has been settled to Us, we will upon request, provide a Certificate of Currency in order to confirm that the policy is current and valid along with noting any interested parties you may be required to include.

What policy documents do we receive?

Policy Schedule         This sets out the limits, deductibles and coverage sections that you have selected. Please carefully review all aspects, in particular the insured name, policy limits, deductibles and coverage sections applicable.

Tax Invoice & Special Notices    This sets out and confirms your basic premium, plus any fire services levy, statutory charges and our broker fee. We ask that you read the Special Notices carefully. These outline your rights and obligations in relation to entering into an insurance contract. In particular, we draw your attention to the Duty of Disclosure.

Premium Funding Contract                        This is to be completed if you wish to arrange premium funding, which allows you to pay by way of monthly instalments.

Financial Services Guide     This contains important information about the services we offer you, how we and our associates are paid and any potential conflicts of interest we may have.

Policy Wording or PDS        The Policy Wording document provides you with full details of what is and is not covered. It is essential you read your Policy Wording without delay and advise us in writing of any aspects which are not clear or where cover does not meet your expectations.

Certificate of Currency        This is a written document that is issued by the insurer or the insurance broker that confirms that the insurance policy is current and valid as of the date and time of the certificate.


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